Day Programs
Options Employment & Community Based Day Services

Beaverbrook STEP, Inc. offers comprehensive community based day and employment training services for adults with intellectual, developmental and related disabilities including adults with Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD), neurological/brain injuries, physical disabilities, as well as, medical, mental health and behavioral diagnoses.
Volunteer Services
Options community volunteer program allows participants to practice job readiness, social and     communication skills, while exploring various career interests at local hospitals, nursing homes, food      pantries, libraries and community centers. 

Social Skills and Relationships
Learning good social skills and appropriate behaviors are vital to the success of Options participants.  Staff provides small group and 1 to 1 activities to assist individuals with developing skills that lead to greater independence and competencies in community living.
Behavior management and clinical services are provided by STEP’s highly qualified team of clinicians, social workers, mental health counselors and ABA certified behaviorists. They are proficient in developing highly structured and individualized behavioral interventions, nursing, counseling and other specialized services.   As a result of these services, intensive staff support, and role modeling, Options men and women successfully participate as active members of their community.

Options Employment & Community Based Day Services program currently serves 100 participants at 4 program sites in Belmont and Watertown.  Funded by the MA Department of Developmental Services, MA Rehabilitation Commission and private fees, Options provides a unique array of supports focusing on 5 major, inter-related areas:  Employment and Employment Training, Volunteer Services, Social Relationships, Recreation and Education. 
Recreation and leisure activities are a significant component of the Options curriculum.  Participants learn how to access and enjoy their local Y’s, parks, libraries, museums, sporting and cultural events.  Physical exercise, good sportsmanship and joy of movement are integral to everyone’s health & welfare.

Additional educational opportunities are provided to participants in the arts (sculpture, weaving, painting and crafts); Assistive & Adaptive Devices and Communication Systems; Activities of Daily Living; Transportation Training; and Health, Safety and Nutrition.
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Employment and Employment Training
Individuals are provided with career exploration, vocational training, job placement, job supports and follow-up services.  Options participants also operate 2 business enterprises that provide on-the-job retail training experiences:  ‘Gifts at Peppermint Place’ and ‘Sweet Deals Boutique.’  Over 80% of Options participants have been placed in community jobs earning minimum wage or higher.