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                               Options Employment & Community Based Day Services

Options Employment and Community Based Day Services (CBDS) program serves over  115 individuals.  Over the past 25 years the program has earned a quality reputation for providing participants with intensive staff supports and using local generic services that promote and facilitate development of natural supports and community inclusion.  Options also provides MRC and MCB participants with Community Integrated Employment Services (CIES).
Options Community Based Day Supports (CBDS)
Options CBDS program advances meaningful and full community inclusion; individuals served have considerable flexibility and choice in the design and selection of their daily activities.  Although many activities are focused on employment objectives, participants have a wide variety of artistic, recreational, volunteer and career exploration options available too. 

Each participant’s plan is designed to meet his/her personal life vision and preferred activities and goals.  The curriculum focuses on 5 major, inter-related components: Employment & Employment Training, Volunteer Services, Social Relationships, Recreation, and Education.  Participants desiring to work are placed in community jobs; train at Options’ business affiliations and Option’s business training services.

Options’ 4 embedded program sites enable participants and staff to walk or take public transportation to many daily activities.  Options  effectively utilizes inclusive community locations for a significant portion of each day.  Our program participants are connected to over 100 local retail, government, financial, entertainment, industrial, cultural and volunteer business/organizations. 

Of the more than 115 individuals served, 80% are employed at least part time in the community.  Off-site, community activities are available every day and special activities are offered weekly.  Health & nutrition, personal safety, daily living skills and self-advocacy are primary components of the program curriculum; community environments such as health clubs, Y’s, banks, grocery stores, restaurants, libraries, senior centers, post offices, parks, recreation centers and museums are used as learning environments whenever possible.
Over the years, Options Employment and CBDS program has expanded from 1 to 4 embedded community sites:
•  Options Alternative (A) on Main Street, Watertown; 
•  Options Employment (E) in Waverley Sq., Belmont;   
•  Options Unlimited (U) in Cushing Sq., Belmont; and
•  Options Community (C) in Belmont Center.

Options has developed a number of affiliations that employ both non-disabled staff and Options participants:
Gifts at Peppermint Place, Sweet Deals Boutique and Re-Use-Able Initiatives.  Additionally, Options offers supervised paid work opportunities via 3 business services:   Meals on Wheels, Business & Office Services and  Mobile Crew Business Mailing Services.
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Options Employment Program
Options Employment Program serves men and woman in Individual & Group Supported Employment, Competitive Employment and MRC/MCB Community Integrated Employment Services (CIES). Currently 88% of participants are placed in community jobs with 60% receiving higher than minimum wages and 40% receiving minimum wages.  Participants are employed in both entry level and more advanced jobs in local  businesses such as BJ’s Wholesale Club, Whole Foods Market, Russo’s, Fessenden School, and Leavitt Corporation.