Since 1973, Beaverbrook STEP’s mission has focused on empowering individuals with disabilities to make their own personal choices and decisions about their lives in order to achieve full Community Inclusion.  Using a person-centered planning approach, STEP strives to bring joy and fulfillment to the individuals we serve by  Advancing Real Lives & Building Inclusive Communities.’ 
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Beaverbrook STEP’s outstanding Community Living and Housing services are individually designed to reflect each person’s unique, personalized needs and desires for a home of their own.  Beaverbrook STEP provides a wide range of part and full time supported housing choices to  235 children, adults and elders.  We  offer a wide range of part and full time housing choices including individualized supports (in-home supports), self-directed housing services, independent living, family support services, Agency with Choice services, shared living and 24 hour specialized residences.  Beaverbrook STEP has also established a unique approach to planning community living and housing supports called “Self-Advocates Building Homes Together,” a group of self-advocates creating their own shared and supported living arrangements.   Click here for more information.

Beaverbrook STEP’s highly acclaimed Options Employment & Community Based Day Supports (CBDS) program serves over 115 adolescents and adults with support needs at 4 downtown, community locations in Watertown and Belmont.  Each participant’s individualized plan is designed to meet his/her personal life vision and preferred activities and goals, focusing on 5 major, inter-related components: Employment & Employment Training, Volunteer Services, Social Relationships, Recreation, and Education.  Employment participants are placed in community jobs; some train at  Options’ businesses - Meals on Wheels, Gifts at Peppermint Place, Sweet Deals Boutique and ReUseAble Thrift; and others receive help with developing their own businesses.
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Beaverbrook STEP supports children, adolescents and adults with disabilities who have additional specialized service needs. STEP’s highly skilled clinical team and direct support professional staff, all have extensive experience and expertise in their respective specialty areas.  New areas of specialized services are continuously developed, reflecting the changing needs of the individuals served.  Currently we provide specialized services in the following areas:
• Turning 22: School to Adult Services
• Positive Behavior Management and Clinical Services
• Medical Services, Elder Supports, Alzheimer Supports
• Guardianship and Conservator Services 
• Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) Supports, Special Populations
• University Affiliated ABA Support and Education Services
• Self-Advocacy Board
• Community Inclusion, Recreation and Volunteer Supports.
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"The key ingredient to our outstanding success is found in our person centered planning approach to services that includes a caring, well trained workforce committed to developing each person’s full potential and dedicated to respecting each person’s choices and preferences."

Virginia A. Connolly, MEd, LMHC, LCSW
Executive Director
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