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Staff advocates are the heart and soul of Beaverbrook STEP's service delivery system. They work directly with the people we assist, providing direct service and advocacy. The provision of direct services is a complex and demanding job, requiring specialized training and a strong sense of teamwork.

At Beaverbrook STEP, our staff is responsible for identifying and communicating the needs of individuals served; they find creative solutions to problems as they arise and offer feedback and support to other staff.  While staff are asked to give a great amount, in return they receive an excellent opportunity to develop clinical and professional skills while gaining direct care experience.

To support our staff, Beaverbrook STEP offers a range of benefits including:

- Health Insurance
- Dental Insurance
- Disability Insurance
- Tax Sheltered Annuity
- Employee Assistance Program
- Generous vacation benefits
- Holiday time
- Sick time
- Life Insurance
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